Glider Insurance

As gliders are such a unique type of aircraft they need a unique type of insurance policy.

Sound’s Glider Insurance Program offers a comprehensive policy package with new added enhanced coverages that are included at no additional premium. No membership required.


Aircraft Liability coverage for property damage you may cause or be held responsible for resulting from the aircraft and bodily injury to others, including passengers (if any). You have the choice between a $2,000,000 or a $1,000,000 liability limit.
Optional Aircraft Hull Coverage covers physical damage to your aircraft, repair and replacement at an agreed value determined by you.
Optional Trailer Coverage covers physical damage to your glider trailer.
Additional Coverages Included at No Extra Cost

  • Premises Liability, $2,000,000 limit (compliant with most clubs)
  • Spare parts, $2,500 limit
  • Portable and handheld equipment, $2,500 Limit
  • Forced Landing expense to cover any extra charges, included when you purchase All Risks Hull Coverage, limit of 30% of your insured hull value
  • Non-Owned Aircraft Liability and Hull, your coverage carries with you when you fly aircraft of others with same passenger seating capacity and similar type, hull coverage of up to $100,000 limit
  • Search and Rescue and Emergency Charges, $50,000 limit
  • Medical Expenses, including crew, $5,000 limit
  • Baggage of passengers, $5,000 limit

To obtain a quote please complete our Glider Insurance Application [PDF] and email to

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