Commercial Aviation

Sound Aviation understands the higher duty of care required to keep you and your customers safe.

Our Aviation Specialists assist you in enhancing your existing operating procedures, utilizing decades of experience in the industry. Our Risk Management approach identifies your operation’s needs and risk tolerance, providing a tailored insurance portfolio and the information and tools for safe and informed decision making.

We provide comprehensive insurance solutions for :

Our Risk Management Approach

We offer more than just insurance; Sound Aviation provides free risk management insurance inspections through on-site visits where possible.

We assess your risk, outlining the exposures, covered and not covered, self-insuring options, and insurance solutions. A full review of your existing insurance can result in identifying gaps or overlaps in coverages. Our insurance solutions identify the coverage and limits needed for your business.

Our knowledge and experience with your type of operation allows us to work with you and your team to tailor your insurance portfolio to meet your unique exposures and needs.
  • All types of insurance policies available
  • Written insurance proposals with easy to read quotations
  • Frequent alternate quotations provided
  • Simplified insurance and renewal processes

To obtain a quote, or for general inquiries, please contact :

Sandy Odebunmi
Vice President, Aviation
205 Lesmill Rd., Toronto, ON M3B 2V1
TEL 416-642-6360 | TF 1-888-756-3334 ext. 636

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